Bakgrund och kennelmål

Den 1:a kullen föddes 1993 och var av Belgisk Vallhund/groenendael. Sedan dess har det fötts i snitt någon kull eller två per år, men vi har de senaste åren gått över från groenendael till tervueren och även kompletterat med robusta amerikanska shelties.

 Målet är att föda upp fysiskt och mentalt sunda hundar som passar för en mängd olika hundsporter  - ett mått på att vi lyckats med det, är att vi tidigt fick SKKs Bruksuppfödarpris.

Självklart avlar vi endast på röntgade och ögonlysta hundar.

Valparna föds och lever inne i huset med övriga flockmedlemmar hela tiden, där de kommer i kontakt med allt som tillhör vardagen:  dammsugare, andra hundar, gå på olika underlag, små hinderbanor, bilåkning osv osv...

Valparna levereras tidigast vid 8 veckors ålder med SKKs kontrakt och följande ingår: veterinärbesiktning, vaccination, ögonlysning, avmaskning, microchippning, SKK-registrering.

Vi arangerar kennelträffaroch läger om intresse finss (och det gör det!)


This is me! (Mona)

Timmervägen 28
438 33 Landvetter
 +46 706 760005

My name is  Mona Thorsén (founder and owner of Kennel Nightrunner's) and I have had tervueren and groenendael since1988.

My performance experience is in tracking, obedience, rally obedience, game tracking and agility.

Some background history:

 When my 1st tervueren "Micka" (Malawis Not My Mind) came into my life. "Micka" was a real challenge - she was afraid of almost everything and it got worse and worse with age. I managed to level her up to elite level in obedience but then I needed to let her go to dog heaven only 2.5 years old since everyday on earth was a battle for her. My belgian "career" could have ended there and then but Gunilla Altenmark (kennel Wirwelwinds) got me to rethink. With "Winnie" (SUCH SLCH Korad LP Wirwelwinds's Svarta-Winnielou) kennel Nightrunner's started to take shape. Then another tervuren came to the family; "Leica" (Malawis Madame-Mim) - she become obedience champion (SLCH) before she made the move to kennel Ullheden.
The name Nightrunner's was chosen due to Winnie's and Leica's escapade during a looooong summer night in the woods around Landvetter. They were gone for 14 hours....

I kept a groenendael from 
Winnie's 2nd litter, Inca (SUCH Nightrunner's Inca of Cliff), whom I leveled up to elite obedience and higher level tracking, but she was not good enough mentally for the breeding program.  I bought back Noya (SUCH Korad SLCH Nightrunner's Noya) from a puppy buyer and kept her as a competition dog (tracking elite and Obedience champion) and I also took one litter.
Winnie died, 14 years old, I was without a dog for about 2 years. Winnie was very special to me and I thought that I would never get another dog like her and I was very close to stop breeding...

BUT, then Heaven (Korad SeUCH Bazzakulls Lime Passion) came into my life at 3 year's of age and she was a red copy of my black Winnie - simply a match made in heaven!

Her daughter, Yava, is a fantastic dog - not concerned about anything, always a wagging tail and a seemingly never ending source of energy!

After 2 year's in USA I came home with 4 shelties and this breed is my new passion - sporty AND beautiful dogs!

Background and philosophy

The breeding, which started 1993 with groenendaels, is a small scale hobby breeding where the litters are born and raised in the house.

Our aim is to breed physically and mentally sound dogs for performance and conformation, but above all as a friendly companion. 
We were awarded the "SKK's Bruksuppfödarpris" many years ago for the groenendael breeding.
We have chosen to start our sheltie breeding with robust American lines.
All dogs used in the breeding are x-rayed and eye examined.

The puppies will be socialized and exposed to things like: noise from cooking and cleaning, meeting other dogs and people, walk in a leash, riding in a car etc etc....

The puppies will be delivered when they are at least 8 weeks old:
  vaccinated plus health check (by vet)
  eyes examined
  registered in SKK
We arrange get-togethers and training camps if there is an interest. 
We use SKK's sales contract