May 2010 - Dec 2017

Our beloved "Mason" - GCH BISS Rosmoor Promised Land - sadly passed away only 7,5 years old suffering from a bladder tumor.

He left wonderful offspring  - to be followed on facebok  Mason (BISS GCH Rosmoor Promised Land) Puppies

1991-02-18 -- 2005-03-20

Winnie, the mother, grand mother and grand grand mother of most groenendael puppies in Kennel Nightrunner's...

Words are not enough to describe how I feel about her - she is one in a life time memory of her is still alive.
I took the decision to let her sleep eternally during a tracheal surgery under which it was revealed that she suffered from a severe carcinoma. Besides this she was fresh and sound and happy to follow me on the golf course.

1997-04-03 -- 2010 -09

Noya was bought back to the kennel due not meeting the criteria of the buyer. She was an excellent working dog, but due to my limited time during some years I needed to find a new home for her. She had a great life in the Skåne country side with Fia and her horses and family. She died in a severe seizure attack.

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