Planer/plans 2022

2 litters expected for Easter (confirmed with ultrasound) - delivery mid June. 

Both combinations have individuals with excellent working capacity and drive, super cool in all environments, social and with a sound health record.

Litter #1: Ziva and Ruff

Litter #2: Mossa and Bonus 


  • Nightrunner’s True Venus (Ziva)

    Competes in agility Class 1
    HDA/ED0, MDR1, CEA free

    Very nice temperament, lots of energy with an ”off” button, super nice movement

  • Humlebyns Fargo (Ruff)

    Competes in agility Class 2
    MH tested

    Father of the Faith, Hope & Love litter. Super drive on the course and with an ”off” button.

  • Nightrunner’s Future Illusion (Mossa) - tricolor

    Competes in agility Class 1
    HDA, ED0, patella ua, MDR1, CEA, MD, CNGA1-PRA, vWDIII - all free. BPH tested

    Mossa is a litter sister to Yoyo. She has also a very good drive and soooo COOL outside the course.

  • Sobelkustens Always on my Mind (Bonus) - bml

    Competes in agility Class 3
    HDA, BPH tested

    Bonus has a super drive in agility, but cool outside the course.