(Nightrunner´s Ruby. SE17947/2020).

HDB EDO CEA, MDR1, vWD3, CNGA1, DM all FREE. BPH tested

Yilla is super cool and VERY independent...we are now in Class 2 in jump class and we  just need another qualification in Class 1 in agility.

Yilla has in 3 tries achieved her RLDN title in Rally-O! 


Pedigree - see Tess x Zoomi litter


Nightrunner's True Blessing ( SE 48207/2016)

HDA/B ED0.  CEA, MDR1, vWD3, CNGA1, DM all FREE. BPH tested


Tess has an enormous working capacity, but she is a little to fast for me...we compete in highest level (Class 3) in both agitlity and jump class and hoping for a Champion title one day -  No CERT yet, though.

Tess has had one litter sofar.

Pedigree - see Yipee - Billy litter



(Nightrunner's Future Instinct. SE33832/2018)


Yoyo is a super energetic agility dog 

Never a dull moment when Yoyo is around. She loves to find things to pick up in our home or when we are out walking that she can bring to me for a treat in return. And she can always find fun things to do on her own as well...like chasing birds :-) and other things that moves..

Yoyo is a very fast dog and I have a real challenge to handle her in the best way. 

As a 3 year old she was qualified to the Nationals (despite to Covid pauses)

Pedigree - see Meja x Ice litter



Poppy is a true family dog - she has never put a paw in a competition field. she is just to wild and crazy!

She is the mother of 4 litters and a grandmother of a few more....
Blue Heavens Precious Poppy

Born: 6th May 2011.

37 cm (14.5''), CEA +/+, MDR1 +/+ Eyes clear, vWD normal (on father side), full dentition, scissor bite, "Excellent" in show 

Poppy is a very special girl - she loves to stand and jump on 2 legs, something that her offspring has inherited! She has a lot of energy, but I have not yet figured out how to channel it in the right way to be able to compete in agility or rally etc...

I think she knows when the clock is 6 in the morning and evenings since that is when she normally is served food and when she is NOT, she barks and barks and barks…impatiently!

She has a VERY good bone structure and a beautiful head! 

Poppy is mother of 4 litters, in total 19 puppies.


SE RallyCh SE UCH SE VCH RLD N&A&M LP2 Nightrunner's Beauty 

(SE SE13035/2010), HD/ED B/UA  GK MH, Eyes clear

 Hkl tracking, qual. for obedience class 3, Jump class 2, Agility class 3, Game Tracking Champion, Rally-O Champion, Show Champion

Placed #6 in Rally Obedience SM (Swedish Championship) 2015 and #10 2016, competed 2017 as well ( in heat) and 2019.

Winner of the District's Rally obedience 2015 and 2016

Best Belgian in Sweden in Rallye-O Advanced level 2014

Best Belgian in Sweden in Rallye-O Master 2015, 2016

Yava has had 3 litters  


Yava is the happiest dog on earth  - her tail is ALWAYS wagging!

Yava is blessed wither her own guardian angel. She has been very close to crossing the rainbow bridge twice. First time she ran away from a situation and disappeared for 32 hours in the middle of the winter (colder than -5 Celsius). Finally she was discovered by an older man and his grandson after one of my best dog friends (Ulrica Persson) had her dog Urax barking for hours in the area trying to get Yava's attention (he got the rescuer's..). She was stuck on a rock plateau and late evening the fire brigade needed to work for 1.5 hours to get her down... 

Second time she almost bled to death due to a clean cut, which tore her tendons and all blood vessels, caused by a sharp object (not natural) in the forest (we never found it). The artery was oozing and I needed to wrap my sweater plus the shelties' leads hard around it to make it stop. I got help from Helena and Felicia Fagerström to carry her for almost a kilometer in the forest to our car. At the animal hospital they told me that she had not survived if I had not put the pressure over the cut as I did (good scout training…). She underwent surgery and was put in a cast for 6 weeks. The surgery was not 100% successful and so it needed to be redone and another 4 weeks in a cast… Long rehabilitation followed and she is now moving at ease but probably no more agility competitions...

For rehab purposes we switched to rally obedience and that was a great success. In less than 6 months effective training /competition she qualified for the Swedish Championship. 

SE13035/2010 T   LPII RLD A RLD M SE RALLYCH SE UCH SE VCH Nightrunner's Beauty

S33121/2005 T   KORAD SE BCH SE UCH Kogaråsen's Pesto

S15065/95 T   KORAD LPI SE BCH SE LCH SE UCH TJH Kogaråsen's Faxe

S62400/86 T   KORAD SE UCH Occra Brambax

S57671/92 T   KORAD LPI LPII SE UCH TJH Västra Solsidan's Axana

S00009/2001 T   KORAD Newstory Jilla

S68504/91 M   KORAD SE UCH TJH Sabrefield Over The Sea

S18746/96 T   KORAD LPI SE UCH TJH Newstory Drama

S57548/2004 T   KORAD LPI RLD N&F&A&M SE UCH Bazzakulls Lime Passion

S53511/2001 T   SE UCH SE V-04 Hexen House Lughor

LOSH777757 IPOIII LU CH Urka Van De Hoge Laer

S45404/98 T   KORAD LPII NORD UCH TJH Hexen House Erah

S50301/99 T   KORAD Bazzakulls Tequila-Old Fashioned

S60442/94 T   KORAD Fon De Clair Tarzan

S11136/96 T   Bazzakulls Tequila


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